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Subnautica PC walkthrough E4 – Today We should you Exactly how to find the Moon pool fragments. As well as the prawn suite drill arm and prawn suite grappling arm Fragments, Alien Containment Fragments and even more! All of these in the same spot! Make sure to check out the rest of this series for all of your subnautica needs!

The Moonpool is a Seabase module. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and its main function is the docking and undocking of the Seamoth and the PRAWN Suit.

A power source is needed to be able to dock vehicles. The vehicles will also be charged from the base’s Energy if in Freedom Mode, Survival Mode, or Hardcore Mode, at a cost of 200 Energy to completely fill a depleted Power Cell. The vehicle’s Power Cells will be recharged at a much faster rate than if one were to use a Power Cell Charger.

The Moonpool also allows the player to access their base via two ladders on either end.

The Vehicle Modification Station can only be constructed in the Moonpool. It allows the player to customize their docked vehicle.

To build the Moonpool it requires 2 Fragments, these can be found in Wrecks

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