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Welcome to my Hermit’s Look at Evolution VR! This is a PC gameplay walkthrough in 1080p HD played on the HTC Vive. It’s like SPORE but in Virtual Reality!!!

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About Evolution VR:

Evolution VR presents an immersive alien world, in which you will control your own creature to fight enemies, grow up, customize body parts and evolve all the way to the top of the food chain.
In this game, you will:
– Guide your creature via controller to eat smaller creatures, fight or stay away from large ones;
– Build and customize your own creature the way you like it;
– Evolve and collect body parts to fight the strongest enemy and win the game!


Outro Music by Elybeatmaker! Full song here: https://youtu.be/IKYybTC-gu4

Intro Animation by Fultron! http://www.fultron84.co/

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